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HP DesignJet T120 Printer

HP DesignJet T120 Printer

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HP - CQ890-60239 - AmpXL 24 Carriage assembly w-b

Part No: CQ890-60239
$202.02 ex. GST
Your Price:$329.77 ex. GST

HP - CQ893-60077 - AmpXL 36 Carriage assembly w-b

Part No: CQ893-60077
$200.20 ex. GST
Your Price:$347.40 ex. GST

HP - CQ890-67072 - Labels Kit

Part No: CQ890-67072
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HP - CQ890-67088 - Bundle board

Part No: CQ890-67088
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HP - CQ891-67018 - MPCA and Bundle_Power On Bas S

Part No: CQ891-67018
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HP - CQ890-67085 - AmpXL Right Cover ePrint Textu

Part No: CQ890-67085
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HP - CQ890-67077 - Right gear train assemlby

Part No: CQ890-67077
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HP - CQ890-67082 - AmpXL Control Panel Text and G

Part No: CQ890-67082
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HP - CQ890-67096 - AmpXL 24 Encoder strip SV-Rein

Part No: CQ890-67096
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