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HP - 738022-001 - SL200 series virtual connect (VC) processor heatsink - Includes alcohol pad and heatsink installation card

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Part No: 738022-001
Manufacturer: HPi
Warranty:          1 Year
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SL200 series virtual connect (VC) processor heatsink - Includes alcohol pad and heatsink installation card
Compatible with
HP CS 200-HC EVO:RAIL RJ45 Appliance - L3W30A
HP CS 200-HC EVO:RAIL SFP+ Appliance - L3W31A
HP CS 240-HC StoreVirtual System - K2Q48A
HP CS 242-HC StoreVirtual System - K2Q49A
HP MSFT Azure 32A Spine New Rck - J9C95A
HP MSFT Azure 50A NoSpine New Rck - J9C94A
HP MSFT Azure 50A Spine New Rck - J9C93A
HP SE2250sGen8 E5-2660 Compute L WD Svr - J3F39A
HP SE2250sGen8 E5-2660 Compute Left Tray Server - 717854-B21
HP SE2250sGen8 E5-2660 Compute R WD Svr - J3F38A
HP SE2250sGen8 E5-2660 Compute Right Tray Server - 717855-B21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2609v2 FIO Processor Kit - 721413-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2620v2 FIO Processor Kit - 721411-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2630 v2 FIO Processor Kit - 721409-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2630Lv2 FIO Processor Kit - 721424-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2637 v2 FIO Processor Kit - 721447-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2640v2 FIO Processor Kit - 721407-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2650Lv2 FIO Processor Kit - 721422-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2650v2 FIO Processor Kit - 721405-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2660v2 FIO Processor Kit - 721403-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2680v2 FIO Processor Kit - 721399-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2690v2 FIO Processor Kit - 721397-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2695v2 FIO Processor Kit - 721428-L21
HP SL210t Gen8 E5-2697v2 FIO Processor Kit - 721426-L21
HP SL230Gen8 E52660 144GB FBT6 L Tray - 678884-B21
HP SL230Gen8 E52660 144GB FBT6 R Tray - 678883-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 1U E5-2670 16x8GB Rht Tray - 680190-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2603 Kit - 654424-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2620 Kit - 654420-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2630L Kit - 654434-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2637 Kit - 654430-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2640 Kit - 654416-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2643 Processor Kit - 654428-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2650L Kit - 654432-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2660 Kit - 654412-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2665 Kit - 654410-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2667 Kit - 654426-B21
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2670 2P KD1204 Right Server - B8K69A
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2670 2P KD1205 Left Server - B8K70A
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2670 2-port Left Asia Pacific Server - B5U10A
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2670 2-port Right Asia Pacific Server - B5U11A
HP SL230s Gen8 E5-2680 Kit - 654406-B21
HP SL230sG8 E5-2650L 2P Left JT1204 Server - C1T42A
HP SL230sG8 E5-2650L 2P Right JT1205 Server - C1T43A
HP SL230sGen8 1U E5-2670 16x8GB Left Tray - 686856-B21
HP SL230sGen8 1U E5-2670 16x8GB Right Tray - 686857-B21
HP SL230sGen8 1U E52670 8x16GB Left Tray - 671939-B21
HP SL230sGen8 1U E52670 8x16GB Right Tray - 671940-B21
HP SL230sGen8 1U E5-2670 8x4GB Right Tray - 669440-B21
HP SL230sGen8 1U E5-2670 Right Tray Server - 659049-B21
HP SL230sGen8 E52660 144GB FBT6F L Tray - 678886-B21
HP SL230sGen8 E52660 144GB FBT6F R Tray - 678885-B21
HP SL230sGen8 E5-2680v2 16x16GB Left Tray - 730374-B21
HP SL230sGen8 E5-2680v2 16x16GB Right Tray - 730375-B21
HP SL230sGen8 E5-2697v2 8x8GB Left Tray - 730372-B21
HP SL230sGen8 E5-2697v2 8x8GB Right Tray - 730373-B21
HP SL230sGen8IVB E5-2690v2 8x8GB Left Tray - 736407-B21
HP SL230sGen8IVB E5-2690v2 8x8GB Right Tray - 736408-B21
HP SL2500 E5-2650v2 A8 B1 ABTB Special Server - G6F44A
HP SL250s Gen8 E5-2609 Kit - 662326-B21
HP SL250s Gen8 E5-2620 Kit - 662325-B21
HP SL250s Gen8 E5-2630 Kit - 662324-B21
HP SL250s Gen8 E5-2630L Kit - 662332-B21
HP SL250s Gen8 E5-2640 Processor Kit - 662323-B21
HP SL250s Gen8 E5-2650 Processor Kit - 662322-B21
HP SL250s Gen8 E5-2650L Kit - 662331-B21
HP SL250s Gen8 E5-2660 Kit - 662321-B21
HP SL250s Gen8 E5-2670 Kit - 662319-B21
HP SL250s Gen8 E5-2680 Processor Kit - 662318-B21
HP SL250sGen8 2U E5-2670 Left Tray Server - C7S04A
HP SL250sGen8 2U E5-2670 Right Tray Server - C7S05A
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2603 Kit - 662342-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2609 Kit - 662341-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2620 Kit - 662340-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2630 Kit - 662339-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2630L Kit - 662347-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2637 Kit - 662345-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2640 Kit - 662338-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2643 Kit - 662344-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2650 Kit - 662337-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2650L Kit - 662346-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2665 Kit - 662335-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2667 Kit - 662343-B21
HP SL270s Gen8 E5-2670 Kit - 662334-B21